Resurrection Eggs – Bringing it back to the gospel (Large Eggs)


Resurrection Eggs – The truth about easter

What a wonderful way to teach children by using the Resurrection eggs – Bringing it back to the gospel about the easter (Passover) season.

The 10 Resurrection eggs tells the story of when Jesus came into Jerusalem on a donkey. His journey to the upper room, garden of Gethsamane, betrayal, torture and then crucifixion.

Finally the golden egg is the tomb being found empty and the white egg represents He has left us with his Holy Spirit and His word.

These wooden eggs could be used to teach kids from the ages of 4 and older, however you will need to simplify the teaching according to age of the children you are teaching.

The eggs are wooden with laminated picture inserts and should last for years to come.

Comes in a plastic storage box to keep the eggs in a good condition.

A great investment for any children's Ministry.


See our Help 4 teachers post  “Easter, Christmas & Halloween in our children's ministries.


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