Obey Rules


Obey Rules

It is very important to have class rules in all children’s ministries.

Whether you teach a large group of children, or as little as 5 kids, it is essential that you have rules.

While every children’s church wants to create a happy and loving environment when it comes to kids coming back week after week, however most children thrive best when their is rules, structure and discipline.

As a children’s Ministry teacher, we are not allowed to smack or touch a child in any physical way, however we can set boundaries with rules in our classroom and enforce that they be obeyed to keep that safe loving environment.

There will always be that naughty child that will push the boundaries, there will always be the smart Alec that shout out all the answers, not giving the other children a chance to answer the question.

If you have a children’s ministry that is in chaos every Sunday, the answer to your problem is more than likely “YOU”.  Sometimes children don’t know the boundaries. Don’t try to be their friend. You can still be stern but loving.

We have very rarely has to call a parent out of the service to come deal with their kid.

You give children clear indication of what you expect from them. There must be consequences for the bad behaviour… and you must stick to your guns.

The Obey signs are used each and every week for at least a year, then we can change to other words like God Rules or Sow Rules.

They Obey rules are laminated for easy wipe down of stick hands.


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