Noah Teaching Kit

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Noah Teaching Kit – Noah an extraordinary Man

Our Noah kit teaches children the story of Noah over a 10 week period.

The lessons are set out as follows:

Week 1 & 2 God speaks to Noah

Week 3 & 4 Noah’s big job

Week 5 & 6 The boat is finished, but still a lot more to do

Week 7 & 8 The biggest flood of all

Week 9 & 10 God’s promise to all

Very little preparation necessary, it has all be done for you

Each kit has built in classroom procedures (if desired) which builds a tested structure into any classroom.

Lessons are user-friendly and so easy to teach, with step by step instruction on how to run your class from start to finish.

All props needed to teach all your lessons included in the kit.

Craft sheet also included, all you have to do is photocopy enough craft sheets for each child in your class..

Fun match it cards make a fantastic game for the kids while learning at the same time.

Storage box keeps all your props together, and can be used year after year.

Each story is taught over 2 weeks for repetition, but different props are used each week to bring excitement.

Great snack ideas to keep with your theme.

Look after your props in your kit and this kit can be repeated year after year.

On average each children’s ministry runs over a 1 1/2 to 2 hours service.

The structure of your class would be as follows:


Meet as a whole group where you would do the following:

open in prayer

Praise and worship (age appropriate music)

Offering (for more info see our praise and worship article)

You will then divide the number of children into groups of 8 – Each table will run for about 10 minutes each before moving the children to the next table.

You teacher will stay at her table, but the children will move between the sections.

This makes it exciting for children to move around instead of sitting in the same area for 2 hours.

The welcome table which welcomes the children each week to church personally and re-enforces why we come to church each week. (see welcome kit info below)

The bible table obviously teaches the Bible message each week.

Snack time / Circle talk or Game section – The snack – is not meant to be a nourishing meal (their breakfast or lunch), but rather a fun snack that goes with your theme.

The craft section – A different colouring in sheet or craft is provided in your kit for each week.

We then meet back as a whole group to close off in prayer.  (once we have finished our lesson for the day) the toy box is brought out and children are allowed to play till their parents arrive.


These kits will work nicely for classes up to about 40-50 children per class.

You will need  4 teachers if you have enough children to run each table simultaneously (one per table) and 1 helper per table.

Basically if you have 8 – 10 kids in your class you can manage with 1 teacher, 1 helper and 1 runner for the whole group (a person that can take kids to the toilet if necessary) While most ministries are short of teachers, you can bring in teen helpers to help and be the runner for the day. As the number of kids increase in your class you will split into two groups and run 2 tables simultaneously and then rotate, (more is discussed in detail in the curriculum file once purchased)



Welcome Kit


The classroom welcome kit is not included in the purchase of this kit, however it is used week after week in your classroom, once you have purchased the welcome kit, it is not necessary to re-purchase with all our other teaching kits. click here to see the product.

Other teaching kits available are the God’s plan for families; Noah, & the Jesus teaching kit.

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