Multimum Parvo Gospel Illusion Glasses

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Multimum Parvo Gospel Illusion glasses

This great gospel Illusion can be a power tool to teach the gospel.

Comes with 4 different size glasses.

Start by filling up the smallest glass to the top with milk. Take that glass and fill up the second smallest glass with the same amount of milk from the smallest glass. Watch the amazement on the kids faces. Take that glass and fill up the 3rd largest glass with the milk from the 2nd smallest glass.

Each glass takes the same amount of liquid but you can teach the children no matter how small their seed is God will take whatever you have to give and multiply it.

or God can do mighty miracles with a small amount of faith.

For those teachers that love to use gospel illusions and will invest in their ministry. A wonderful investment for any gospel illusionist.

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