Craft Tables

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Tables and chairs bring structure to all classrooms.

A lot of churches just use carpets and allow the kids to sit on the floor, and they often wonder why their kids are so fidgety.

If children are sitting on the ground for a hour or so, it is impossible to find kids sitting still without kicking the child in front of them. or wanting to get up and go to the bathroom.

Chairs are the answer, even if it is kiddies plastic chairs, I have seen 7 – 13 year olds use the smaller kiddies chairs with success.


Craft Tables are a fantastic way to build structure in your class, and allows kids to sit comfortable around the table while doing the daily or weekly crafts.

These tables come with 3 tressles with guides so tables don’t tip when leaned on

Each table can seat about 12 – 14 kids around each table.

Available for the Gauteng and surrounding areas.


However watch this space, a downloadable plan will be available very soon.

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