Breakaway Fan
Breakaway Fan

Breakaway fan

Want some fun in your classroom, use the breakaway fan as a fun element to tease the kids.

Kids often love to help the teacher, give it to the child whole and when take the fan, it seems to be broken.

They always try and convince the teacher that they never broke the fan.

A fun element for any classroom for all ages.

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Chains in the bag – Gospel illusion
Chains in the bag – Gospel illusion

Chains in the bag – Gospel Illusion

A great gospel illusion to illustrate how sin binds us in chains, Get the children to chain you up and keep the keys, by asking Jesus’ forgiveness, we are freed.

Chains fall off and drop to the ground.

A wow effect!!

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Gospel Illusions Starter Kit
Gospel Illusions Starter Kit

Gospel Illusions Starter Kit

Gospel Illusions are a “Wow” in any children’s Ministry. If you have never ventured out into this unknown avenue to bring excitement into your class. We would like to encourage you to take the step and grow your ministry in this area.

Children are enthralled as you use illusions to teach the Gospel in an exciting way.

Gospel Illusions is not magic, anyone can do it. Use illusions to preach the gospel and demonstrate to children the word of God using fun ways to teach a biblical principle.

Our Gospel Illusion kit was created to use in any children’s ministry class with 9 starter illusions which is based around the importance of how sin destroys our lives and it is a choice.

If we don’t repent and turn from our wicked ways, sin will take hold and we will find our lives in a mess.

Suitable from ages 6 to Adults

The starter kit contains the following:

  • Sin bottle – Sin grips all of us as some time in our lives, a powerful lesson to teach children that you can get away with sin, but it will eventually grip you and tie your life in knots…. the choice is yours.
  • Arrow boards – Which way are you going to choose. A powerful object lesson on  Heaven or Hell !!
  • Balloon in the bottle – also can be used as a offering lesson or when talking about the Holy Spirit
  • The  Choice is yours – can be used as a offering lesson or while teaching on the subject of Choices or even Greed.
  • The chains in the bag is very powerful illusion to teach about being bound by sin and how the cross of Jesus can set you free.
  • The deck of cards – A powerful story of a soldier that used his deck of cards as a Bible, A prayerbook, A storybook and a Calendar.
  • Sin Boards – Teaches that there is no sin that is worse than the next, A lot of people say they told a white (little) lie, but Murder and Lying is seen the same to God.
  • Pipes through the rope – Teachers about Salvation and how sin separated us from having fellowship with God, but because of Jesus shedding his blood for us, we can have a intimate relationship with God again.
  • The soap box – Offering lesson.

Illusions bring an excitement to any lesson and keeps children focused on the lesson.

For those that have never used gospel illusions, It is worth trying it out!!

Once you try it out and see that anyone can do gospel illusions, it is a must in any classroom and a wonderful tool to teach a Biblical principle.

Instructional book included!!

All illusions come in its own storage box.


Give it a try!!







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Slush Powder
Slush Powder

Specially For the illusionist


Slush Powder a must in any kids ministry

For those who use slush powder for Illusions to teach the Gospel, it is one of those phenomenal tools you can use to illustrate the power of God.

We never understand how God does things, but illusions is a real cool way to demonstrate miracles.

For those that use gospel illusions, Slush powder is always a must to keep with all your children’s ministry props.


 For those that have never tries gospel illusions, it brings an excitement to any classroom. Children are wowed by illusions.

Tell you bible story or use gospel illusions during one of your object lessons and it will add so much depth to your lesson.

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