Arrow Board – Gospel Illusion with a twist
Arrow Board – Gospel Illusion with a twist

ARROW BOARD – We have a choice

Great gospel illusion made of wood that would last for years to come.

This illusion is a fantastic illusion to illustrate our choices of choosing heaven or hell.

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Bible Puppet
Bible Puppet

Bible Puppet – A Great teaching tool

3 years – Adult

What a really cute Bible Puppet to teach the word of God with.

This would be ideal for children from the age of 3-12 years.

Use this bible book puppet to bring the memory verse to your class each week, It sure will add excitement to your memory verses.


Use it to encourage children to read their bibles or learn the different books of the bible.

A visual aid is a wonderful prop to help children visualize what you are teaching


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Breakaway Fan
Breakaway Fan

Breakaway fan

Want some fun in your classroom, use the breakaway fan as a fun element to tease the kids.

Kids often love to help the teacher, give it to the child whole and when take the fan, it seems to be broken.

They always try and convince the teacher that they never broke the fan.

A fun element for any classroom for all ages.

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Chains in the bag – Gospel illusion
Chains in the bag – Gospel illusion

Chains in the bag – Gospel Illusion

A great gospel illusion to illustrate how sin binds us in chains, Get the children to chain you up and keep the keys, by asking Jesus’ forgiveness, we are freed.

Chains fall off and drop to the ground.

A wow effect!!

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Childrens Ministry Curriculum
Childrens Ministry Curriculum

CHILDRENS CHURCH CURRICULUM – Safari Club was developed with Africa in mind. Many American curriculums refers to their history and culture and very often items for object lessons are not available in South Africa. This Curriculum uses objects that are inexpensive and that can be found in your kitchen or household. It is often do-able for those that have very little budget to bring a quality lesson to the kids Ideal for children from 7 – 12, with 52 lessons. This curriculum has quality lessons which lays a fantastic foundation for all the kids in your children’s ministry. Each lesson includes an Introduction of the subject, 3 object lessons (Visual aids), Bible Lesson, Memory Verse and craft or game ideas.    To read more info on our blog post click this link For more details contact us by email at

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Flash Paper
Flash Paper


Flash paper is always a wow to see in action, especially with children.


Suitable for children 4 – 12


For those illusionist who know how to use flash paper, it is a must in any illusionist’s bag of tricks.

2 pieces per packet 24cm x 20cm.  

Great to use when talking about God being a consuming fire or the Holy Spirit came on them like flames of fire.

A great visual when preaching the gospel. While we cannot say too much, for those that know, it is always a must to keep in your children’s ministry props room.



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Gospel Illusions Starter Kit
Gospel Illusions Starter Kit

Gospel Illusions Starter Kit

Gospel Illusions are a “Wow” in any children’s Ministry. If you have never ventured out into this unknown avenue to bring excitement into your class. We would like to encourage you to take the step and grow your ministry in this area.

Children are enthralled as you use illusions to teach the Gospel in an exciting way.

Gospel Illusions is not magic, anyone can do it. Use illusions to preach the gospel and demonstrate to children the word of God using fun ways to teach a biblical principle.

Our Gospel Illusion kit was created to use in any children’s ministry class with 9 starter illusions which is based around the importance of how sin destroys our lives and it is a choice.

If we don’t repent and turn from our wicked ways, sin will take hold and we will find our lives in a mess.

Suitable from ages 6 to Adults

The starter kit contains the following:

  • Sin bottle – Sin grips all of us as some time in our lives, a powerful lesson to teach children that you can get away with sin, but it will eventually grip you and tie your life in knots…. the choice is yours.
  • Arrow boards – Which way are you going to choose. A powerful object lesson on  Heaven or Hell !!
  • Balloon in the bottle – also can be used as a offering lesson or when talking about the Holy Spirit
  • The  Choice is yours – can be used as a offering lesson or while teaching on the subject of Choices or even Greed.
  • The chains in the bag is very powerful illusion to teach about being bound by sin and how the cross of Jesus can set you free.
  • The deck of cards – A powerful story of a soldier that used his deck of cards as a Bible, A prayerbook, A storybook and a Calendar.
  • Sin Boards – Teaches that there is no sin that is worse than the next, A lot of people say they told a white (little) lie, but Murder and Lying is seen the same to God.
  • Pipes through the rope – Teachers about Salvation and how sin separated us from having fellowship with God, but because of Jesus shedding his blood for us, we can have a intimate relationship with God again.
  • The soap box – Offering lesson.

Illusions bring an excitement to any lesson and keeps children focused on the lesson.

For those that have never used gospel illusions, It is worth trying it out!!

Once you try it out and see that anyone can do gospel illusions, it is a must in any classroom and a wonderful tool to teach a Biblical principle.

Instructional book included!!

All illusions come in its own storage box.


Give it a try!!







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Hillsong Kids Jesus SuperHero Music CD
Hillsong Kids Jesus SuperHero Music CD

Hillsong Kids Jesus SuperHero Music CD

One of the most iconic Hillsong kids church CD’s that the music never seems to go out of fashion.

If you don’t have one in your ministry, then you need to get it!!


The CD has 15 songs

1. Superhero

2. King of Majesty

3. I’m really happy

4. Never Give up!

5. Blessed

6. Oh how I love you

7. Anthem of Praise

8. Alive

9. You’re the One

10. Get up and dance

11. Breathe

12. Night Song

13. Did you know

14. Your eyes

15 Superhero (Reprise)


Suitable for age 4 and up


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Multimum Parvo Gospel Illusion Glasses
Multimum Parvo Gospel Illusion Glasses

Multimum Parvo Gospel Illusion glasses

This great gospel Illusion can be a power tool to teach the gospel.

Comes with 4 different size glasses.

Start by filling up the smallest glass to the top with milk. Take that glass and fill up the second smallest glass with the same amount of milk from the smallest glass. Watch the amazement on the kids faces. Take that glass and fill up the 3rd largest glass with the milk from the 2nd smallest glass.

Each glass takes the same amount of liquid but you can teach the children no matter how small their seed is God will take whatever you have to give and multiply it.

or God can do mighty miracles with a small amount of faith.

For those teachers that love to use gospel illusions and will invest in their ministry. A wonderful investment for any gospel illusionist.

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Name tag Holder & Registration Box
Name tag Holder & Registration Box

Name tag Holder & Registration Box

Easy to use, and your nametags can be accessible and visible at a glance.


Tired of scratching through your registration box

This great idea has been successful in a small ministry environment.

Each Name tag holder hold approx. 35 nametags (of which the 35 name tags are included in this product) and if you have more kids, can be easily buy one for boys and one for girls.


Registration box included

Your registration box comes with date stamp, “super” stamp for when a child brings a friend to church and gets an extra stamp.

A “terrific” stamp is used when they return their take home page or newsletters completed to claim their extra stamps.

The registration box comes with 100 name cards and on the back of each card is a space to stamp their attendance or give them their reward stamps.

The name tag holder and registration box is ideal for children 3-6 where teachers can see their names while teaching, it has their parents cell numbers on the card so you can call them urgently if needed.

Cards for younger children only have 4 spaces on the back of their cards, before they get rewarded.



Once or twice a year the children with the most number of cards or stamps, will receive a “big” prize.




product Name tag holder & registration box


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Nativity Mittens Teaching Prop
Nativity Mittens Teaching Prop

These really cute nativity mittens are used to tell the story of Jesus ' birth.

Each mitten fits inside each other, and as you tell the story, you pull the top mitten off your hand, Pictures of the story are on both sides of the mittens.

Great prop, can be used to tell your bible story for all ages.

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Obey Rules
Obey Rules

Obey Rules

It is very important to have class rules in all children’s ministries.

Whether you teach a large group of children, or as little as 5 kids, it is essential that you have rules.

While every children’s church wants to create a happy and loving environment when it comes to kids coming back week after week, however most children thrive best when their is rules, structure and discipline.

As a children’s Ministry teacher, we are not allowed to smack or touch a child in any physical way, however we can set boundaries with rules in our classroom and enforce that they be obeyed to keep that safe loving environment.

There will always be that naughty child that will push the boundaries, there will always be the smart Alec that shout out all the answers, not giving the other children a chance to answer the question.

If you have a children’s ministry that is in chaos every Sunday, the answer to your problem is more than likely “YOU”.  Sometimes children don’t know the boundaries. Don’t try to be their friend. You can still be stern but loving.

We have very rarely has to call a parent out of the service to come deal with their kid.

You give children clear indication of what you expect from them. There must be consequences for the bad behaviour… and you must stick to your guns.

The Obey signs are used each and every week for at least a year, then we can change to other words like God Rules or Sow Rules.

They Obey rules are laminated for easy wipe down of stick hands.


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Resurrection Eggs – Bringing it back to the gospel (Large Eggs)
Resurrection Eggs – Bringing it back to the gospel (Large Eggs)

Resurrection Eggs – The truth about easter

What a wonderful way to teach children by using the Resurrection eggs – Bringing it back to the gospel about the easter (Passover) season.

The 10 Resurrection eggs tells the story of when Jesus came into Jerusalem on a donkey. His journey to the upper room, garden of Gethsamane, betrayal, torture and then crucifixion.

Finally the golden egg is the tomb being found empty and the white egg represents He has left us with his Holy Spirit and His word.

These wooden eggs could be used to teach kids from the ages of 4 and older, however you will need to simplify the teaching according to age of the children you are teaching.

The eggs are wooden with laminated picture inserts and should last for years to come.

Comes in a plastic storage box to keep the eggs in a good condition.

A great investment for any children's Ministry.


See our Help 4 teachers post  “Easter, Christmas & Halloween in our children's ministries.


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Supernatural – Kids Praise & Worship CD
Supernatural – Kids Praise & Worship CD

Every Children’s ministry should have a least 1 or 2 praise and worship cd’s from Hillsong Kids in Australia.

Supernatural CD is God inspired praise and worship for kids, will inspire your praise and worship team and bring excitement to your children as they learn to enter into God’s presence with this phenominal music CD.

Supernatural Cd is one of the latest in the large range of praise CD’s.

Superhero, super strong God and Follow you are to name a few.

If your children’s ministry does not have any praise and worship cd’s, this is one of those that is a must.

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Ten Commandments
Ten Commandments

The Ten Commandments Visual Aid

Dress up like Moses and use this great props to tell your bible story of the ten commandments.

Can be used for all ages to visually show the kids what it must have been like to carry the Ten Commandments down the mountain. Children remember a story more by the visual way in which you present the story.

This prop can be used time after time, and should be found in any ministry props room.

Made of Hi-density sponge, which makes it more durable and a must in all ministry classrooms.

Make sure you get one in your children’s ministry prop rooms.


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The Choice is yours Gospel Illusion
The Choice is yours Gospel Illusion

The choice is yours Gospel Illusion

This simple but great illusion where you offer the kids “who would like to win 50 bucks”.

All you have to do is make the right choice, I have a red, yellow and blue string here, All you have to do is make the right choice. Which rope do you think has the 50 bucks connected to it?

Obviously whatever choice the kids make, you will always remain with the 50 bucks, but it brings excitement when they try their hardest to make the right choice.

You can then talk about making good godly choices, asking them how would we know, how to make the right choices every time for our lives…

A great illusion that can be used just as a fun element or to teach a lesson on choices.

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Treasure Chest
Treasure Chest

Treasure Chest Reward Scheme – Right or Wrong !

Your classroom structure and what you use to keep the energy alive in your class, is the defining thing that will keep the children coming back week after week.

There are ways of doing things right and ways of doing things wrong.

Try the Treasure Chest in your children’s ministry classroom to reward good behavior, reward kids who find the memory verse or do an act of kindness for others.

We have seen how the treasure chest has bought such a vibe and excitement into our children’s ministry, especially to children who try hard to get a chance to go into the treasure chest.

You can use the treasure chest for children’s birthdays too!!

See our blog post “Reward schemes” for more info and advice

Ideal for children older than 5 years.

(Toys not included in the chest as indicated in the display advert)


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Wooden Stable – Nativity Story
Wooden Stable – Nativity Story

This great wooden stable detaches and is easily packed flat.

The nativity story is the story about our saviour born in a stable.

This story comes with 15 laminated figurines of the story of Jesus’ birth.


A great prop to add to your children’s ministry props room

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