God was so present at  our kids Conference

Shofar Kids Convergence – Always something to be talked about!

This was one of those kids conferences that the power and presence of God was so evident. It was our first kids convergence with Shofar and one that was so memorable. We taught over the 4 days conference and led the children down a path of discovery in God.   We started with the fall of man, sin, Salvation, Sanctification, Baptism of the Holy Spirit with speak in tongues & we finished with the conference with all the children taking Holy Communion. Children received Jesus as their Lord and Saviour and we saw a mighty outpouring of the Holy Spirit with Children from 4 years – 12 years speaking in tongues. There was a dad that attended the whole conference that has been battling to received the gift of speaking in tongues for a couple of years, He received the gift and it was an overwhelming sight to see. During the conference we had 1 child saying they saw angels sitting on the turrets of the castle. (Our venue was decorated like a castle with many turrets) Another 4 year-old child told his dad that he saw Angels in our service and also sitting on the main stage in the auditorium. There were so many testimonies from parents and kids. It was so awesome to see children experience the presence of God and  their lives changed. It was such a privilege to be a part of this conference and so awesome to see children grow spiritually over the 4 day conference.

Always someone behind the scenes to thank

A big thank you to the staff and volunteers of the kids conference, to all those champions that are behind the scenes that you never hear about. Nothing would have been possible without you all making it happen.


Thank you to the leadership of Shofar Stellenbosch for this awesome opportunity.

Blessings Trevor & Sharon


Portfolio Article: Shofar Kids Convergence 2012