Rhema Kids Church

Joined Rhema Church in 1997,  we got involved in other departments of ministry, Our oldest son Wesley started serving at Rhema Kids church in the children’s ministry at the ago of about 8 in the 4 – 5 year old class.

Not long after that Trevor joined children ministry, I was  already involved in the greeter’s ministry and leading our own home cell. I was asked to help make props for Trevor’s 6 – 8 class.

Not long after that I joined children’s ministry with the intention of washing cups. there were approximately 270 kids in that class at the time.

Within 6 months the leaders of the class left for England, and we were made leaders of the 6 – 8 year olds class.

We were very happy at Rhema kids, and were there for many years.

Thank you to the Pastor Kobus and the leadership for allowing us the freedom to stretch ourselves in our class and grow in our calling.

It was a wonderful ministry to gain experience and we thank God for that opportunity.


One regret over all those years of Ministry we did not take more pictures.