Mooiplaas Outreach Sept 2012

First National Bank Staff Volunteers Fund – A cut above the Rest


FNB asked us to do run a fun day for two crèche’s in the informal settlement of Mooiplaas.

Both Team creative and Ditsego are crèche’s a stone’s throw away from each in the area of Mooiplaas in Pretoria. They both do an incredible job in educating the pre-schoolers in the area.

FNB is one of their main sponsors who help both crèches with implement playgrounds, veggie gardens and feeding schemes to feed the children each day.

We planned a teaching, with puppets, a short biblical message with praise and worship songs.

There was close to 160 kids and we planned a day of fun and excitement for them that they were not used to.

We planned both games, a sandpit treasure hunt, & fun on the jumping castle in the afternoon

Both FNB volunteers, volunteers who regularly help the crèches were all there to help out on that day and fun was had by all.

Thank you FNB for the opportunity to share in this day and the awesome people who made this day so spectacular for the kids.