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Puppet Skits Vol 2
Puppet Skits Vol 2

Puppet Skits Vol 2

What a fabulous investment for your children’s Ministry !!

Beyond Words Puppet skits Vol 2 was one of our first investments in our ministry and We have been using our one for years and bring them out time and time again.

Great for out reaches and children’s church lessons and can also be used where you have language barriers.

Puppet skits come with CD of music and sound effects that tell the story without words.

Each book comes with 6 different puppet skits with patterns to make each prop for each story.

All biblical stories. We have been using our one for years and bring them out time and time again.

Great for out reaches where you have a language barrier. Puppet skits come with CD and sound effects that tell the story without words. Vol 2 – 6 different stories

Vol 2 includes the follow puppet skits:

  1. Plug into the power
  2. 2. Bus Stop Samaritan – Modern version of the good Samaritan
  3. 3. The pearl of great price
  4. 4. Sharper than any sword
  5. 5. Good seed, Bad seed
  6. 6. Love your enemies



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Registration Tag Holder (Without Registration Box)
Registration Tag Holder (Without Registration Box)

Name tag Holder (without Registration Box)

The Name Tag holder can be used at your children’s ministry registration table. Your registration table is the first point of call for most children’s ministries, where children and parents, are welcomed to church.

Some churches meet in the main church for one or two songs before they release the kids to children’s church.

Either way, your registration table should be a quick and easy process to avoid cues and stop young children running around outside the class. Your registration process should be a quick to get the children into the class as soon as possible.

The Name Tag holder was designed for easy access to see the cards at a glance and would be used for easy access. (no scratching in boxes for kids name tags)

Each Name tag holder can hold approx. 35 name tags.

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Resurrection Eggs – Bringing it back to the gospel (Large Eggs)
Resurrection Eggs – Bringing it back to the gospel (Large Eggs)

Resurrection Eggs – The truth about easter

What a wonderful way to teach children by using the Resurrection eggs – Bringing it back to the gospel about the easter (Passover) season.

The 10 Resurrection eggs tells the story of when Jesus came into Jerusalem on a donkey. His journey to the upper room, garden of Gethsamane, betrayal, torture and then crucifixion.

Finally the golden egg is the tomb being found empty and the white egg represents He has left us with his Holy Spirit and His word.

These wooden eggs could be used to teach kids from the ages of 4 and older, however you will need to simplify the teaching according to age of the children you are teaching.

The eggs are wooden with laminated picture inserts and should last for years to come.

Comes in a plastic storage box to keep the eggs in a good condition.

A great investment for any children's Ministry.


See our Help 4 teachers post  “Easter, Christmas & Halloween in our children's ministries.


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Slush Powder
Slush Powder

Specially For the illusionist


Slush Powder a must in any kids ministry

For those who use slush powder for Illusions to teach the Gospel, it is one of those phenomenal tools you can use to illustrate the power of God.

We never understand how God does things, but illusions is a real cool way to demonstrate miracles.

For those that use gospel illusions, Slush powder is always a must to keep with all your children’s ministry props.


 For those that have never tries gospel illusions, it brings an excitement to any classroom. Children are wowed by illusions.

Tell you bible story or use gospel illusions during one of your object lessons and it will add so much depth to your lesson.

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Supernatural – Kids Praise & Worship CD
Supernatural – Kids Praise & Worship CD

Every Children’s ministry should have a least 1 or 2 praise and worship cd’s from Hillsong Kids in Australia.

Supernatural CD is God inspired praise and worship for kids, will inspire your praise and worship team and bring excitement to your children as they learn to enter into God’s presence with this phenominal music CD.

Supernatural Cd is one of the latest in the large range of praise CD’s.

Superhero, super strong God and Follow you are to name a few.

If your children’s ministry does not have any praise and worship cd’s, this is one of those that is a must.

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Teaching Tables
Teaching Tables


Teaching tables and chairs bring structure to all classrooms.

A lot of churches just use carpets and allow the kids to sit on the floor, and they often wonder why their kids are so fidgety.

If children are sitting on the ground for a hour or so, it is impossible to find kids sitting still without kicking the child in front of them. or wanting to get up and go to the bathroom.


Build structure into your class

Teaching Tables are a fantastic way to build structure in your class, and allows kids to sit comfortable around the table while teaching them the weekly bible lesson. Great for the smaller churches who don’t have so many kids!!  You will see a difference in the kids behaviour once to let them sit on chairs.

These tables come with 3 tressles and it folds away easily for easy storage.


Only available for Gauteng area.


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Ten Commandments
Ten Commandments

The Ten Commandments Visual Aid

Dress up like Moses and use this great props to tell your bible story of the ten commandments.

Can be used for all ages to visually show the kids what it must have been like to carry the Ten Commandments down the mountain. Children remember a story more by the visual way in which you present the story.

This prop can be used time after time, and should be found in any ministry props room.

Made of Hi-density sponge, which makes it more durable and a must in all ministry classrooms.

Make sure you get one in your children’s ministry prop rooms.


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The Choice is yours Gospel Illusion
The Choice is yours Gospel Illusion

The choice is yours Gospel Illusion

This simple but great illusion where you offer the kids “who would like to win 50 bucks”.

All you have to do is make the right choice, I have a red, yellow and blue string here, All you have to do is make the right choice. Which rope do you think has the 50 bucks connected to it?

Obviously whatever choice the kids make, you will always remain with the 50 bucks, but it brings excitement when they try their hardest to make the right choice.

You can then talk about making good godly choices, asking them how would we know, how to make the right choices every time for our lives…

A great illusion that can be used just as a fun element or to teach a lesson on choices.

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Treasure Chest
Treasure Chest

Treasure Chest Reward Scheme – Right or Wrong !

Your classroom structure and what you use to keep the energy alive in your class, is the defining thing that will keep the children coming back week after week.

There are ways of doing things right and ways of doing things wrong.

Try the Treasure Chest in your children’s ministry classroom to reward good behavior, reward kids who find the memory verse or do an act of kindness for others.

We have seen how the treasure chest has bought such a vibe and excitement into our children’s ministry, especially to children who try hard to get a chance to go into the treasure chest.

You can use the treasure chest for children’s birthdays too!!

See our blog post “Reward schemes” for more info and advice

Ideal for children older than 5 years.

(Toys not included in the chest as indicated in the display advert)


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Welcome Kit
Welcome Kit

Welcome kit

Our welcome kit is used in conjunction with our other preschool teaching kit.

Used week after week to welcome each child individually to church and re-enforce that Jesus loves them and we come each week to church to learn Gods word.

Suitable for ages 3 – 6 years

Mr & Mrs Dusty are a hit with the children and a fun element to bring to your class.

Each kit contains

A wooden bible with mirror and picture of Jesus

Obey Rules

Mr and Mrs Dusty (feather dusters)

Bell used to move children between table stations

“Where is Tube” to welcome kids

Fluffy Toy to give hugs and High fives to each kid to make them feel welcome.


See Creation kit, God’s Plan for families, Noah Teaching Kit & the Jesus Kit.


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Wooden Stable – Nativity Story
Wooden Stable – Nativity Story

This great wooden stable detaches and is easily packed flat.

The nativity story is the story about our saviour born in a stable.

This story comes with 15 laminated figurines of the story of Jesus’ birth.


A great prop to add to your children’s ministry props room

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