Holy Communion for Children

Holy Communion for Children

Is there really an issue with Children taking Holy Communion?


At what age should you introduce the communion elements to children??


We believe, this should be introduced to a child as early as possible, Proverbs 22:6 says to train them up in the way they must go, so when they are old, it shall not depart from them.

We should start as early as 4 years or younger to teach them about Jesus dying on the cross. It is our personal preference when taking Holy Communion to use the wafer hosts, as it is a good visual Aid – with Jesus dying on the cross)

A good majority of churches give matzos which is un-leavened bread (bread without yeast) – nothing against matzos..

The wafer host has an imprint of Jesus on the cross and the alpha and omega sign, which we use to teach that Jesus was here from the beginning and He will be at the end.

Some churches even refuse to use the hosts because Jesus is no longer on the cross, however, Communion is a command by Jesus to do it as often as you like, remembering what he has done for us on the cross.

Many people can have a long debate about what is right and what is wrong and even whether the child can understand it or not. We believe  that we are laying down the foundation for the child’s spiritual belief. As they grow spiritually they will gain more understanding.

God will not hold them accountable until they are at the age of accountability, or they have grasped the understanding. However the bible does not say anything about at what age to give communion, it just says do not hinder the children to come to Him.

The bread represents Jesus’ body which was broken for our sins, and the red grape juice represents his blood.

One question is – Did the disciples fully understand the first time they took communion, in the upper room, yet they walked and talked with Jesus for 3 years before this all happened. All that Jesus was saying was a mystery to them too!

Something to consider when deciding whether children should or shouldn’t take the communion elements.


Teach the children the meaning of communion and allow the Holy Spirit to bring the revelation when the child is ready to receive it and only He will know when the child is ready…  but you as a teacher will be faithful in your teaching of the word.

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