Easter, Christmas & Halloween

It is always a very touchy subject when speaking on Easter, Christmas and Halloween in our children’s ministries.

The greatest thing you can do as a teacher is not to shy away from the subject but to deal with it head on and bring it back to the gospel.

While we as Christians believe God and his word, meaning the bible.

In Genesis 1 the word says that God made everything and He saw it was very good, we know that satan’s only plan is to pervert the truth of God’s word. Gods word tells us in John 10:10 The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I came that you may have life and have it more abundantly.

In plain simplicity, God made everything, even the bunny rabbit, he made the chicken that lays the egg, He even made the pine tree and it was all for our good pleasure.

Sure over the centuries, man in his own infinite wisdom has used Gods’ created “things” like the egg, bunny rabbit and pine tree to take the focus away from God and His creation. God’s creation has been used to pervert the truth for mans own pleasure and pagan festivals have been created which has taken all the emphasis away from God and the glory He deserves.

As children’s ministers, Let us not get too distracted from the worlds pull to take part in easter parades etc but keep our focus on the true meaning of what we know is Passover.

It is essentially Passover (festival of unleavened bread) Exodus 12, it reminds us of when God told the Israelites to slaughter an unblemished lamb and place the blood on the doorposts of all the houses of God’s people. The angel of death passed over those whose doorposts had the blood. Saving all the first born males from death. Passover celebrates what God did for his people and how he delivered them out of Egypt and slavery. Jesus came to this earth as the Passover lamb.

Jesus became that unblemished lamb who was sacrificed for us (in the new testament} to give us redemption from our sinful nature and set us free.. Easter is celebrated at the same time we celebrate Passover. Jesus’ death, burial and resurrection. Our main purpose as children’s ministers should never be to scold children for taking part and believing in the easter bunny and eating easter eggs. Let’s not tell children that if they eat easter eggs, they are worshipping satan.

Let’s not get ridiculous in our approach of teaching them the truth. We should be encouraging to bring the truth to them, showing them that while the world celebrates the easter bunny and easter eggs, (and some religious groups worship the fertility god), we celebrate Jesus and what he did on the cross for us

Each year we use the Resurrection eggs (product) to effectively teach the children using wooden egg shaped props but using the story of Jesus’ death and resurrection.

Make it our priority to take whatever the world has perverted from the truth of God’s word and bring it back to the gospel. The truth is children see posters and advertisements of the easter bunny and they might even take part in school plays and activities that are ungodly practises like easter hunts etc, but we as children’s ministers must always be quick to bring these pagan practises back to the gospel.

We must remember that it does not help the child who are exposed to all these pagan practises at school, in shopping malls and even at home and now to have their children’s ministry teachers condemn the easter bunny and telling the child its evil to eat chocolate eggs and its evil to acknowledge the easter bunny, This will confuse the child.

Explain that God made everything including the bunny rabbit and egg. The bunny rabbit and egg is not evil, God created it all. Satan created nothing, he only perverted what God created.

Man who is sinful by nature, has taken the true meaning of Passover and created Easter, worshiping a fertility god. Lets not get bent out of shape, lets just teach children the truth, Passover is all about Jesus and his death and resurrection. Bear in mind that the greatest thing you as a teacher can do is not to get caught up in the perversion, but always bring the perversion back to the gospel.


Let’s talk about Christmas, some churches wont even display a Christmas tree in the church because its association with some religious sect who danced around a pine tree and created some pagan ritual.

Again we don’t tell children that Christmas trees are evil after all God created them.

The world celebrates Christmas and the glitz and glamour of Christmas and Santa Clause, we as Christians know it’s about celebrating the birth of our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ. To be honest I like the prettiness of Christmas, but my own personal conviction, I love Christmas trees and pretty decorations, however you will see a nativity scene under my tree, you will see angels and godly ornaments on my tree, but you wont see santa or any acknowledgement of him in my home. To me I celebrate the greatest gift that was given to mankind and that was Jesus and I celebrate his birth.

Christian get distracted by whether Jesus was really born in December or February, but lets focus  on teaching our kids to celebrate Jesus and His birth and teach them to do the same.

Satan again has used some false god to take the focus away from the true meaning of Christmas and the celebration of Jesus’ birth.

When we take the focus of the true meaning of Christmas, we give the glory to satan and his evil intentions. Let us bring it back to the gospel. Teachers use this opportunity to speak about Christmas and how nice it is to receive presents at Christmas time, however God gave the best present of all, He gave his only son, Jesus was the best present anyone could receive. Because of His great love for us,He came to promise us eternal life in heaven with Him. Let’s keep our focus and Again bring Christmas back to the gospel.


Halloween is the only day you cannot “bring back to the gospel” plain and simple. It is a satanic day of worship.There is nothing sweet or innocent about Halloween. We do not and should not even give satan or his evil cohort any recognition on this day.

Halloween which is celebrated on the 31st of October each year, it is said to be a time of year when the spiritual realm is open and more susceptible to demonic acitivity. It is the one time of year that witches, wizards and demons live for. To cast their spells and reek havoc on the innocent. They lace the sweet with drugs and pray curses over the sweets.

Do yourself a favour and listen to the attached testimony of a ex witch Carol Kornacki explaining the meaning and spirit behind Halloween.  You would be horrified how many Christians buy into being a part of dressing up their kids in the name of fun and innocence.

Some Christian fill their car boots with sweets and use it as an outreach opportunity, to do something kind, not knowing that by taking part they are part takers of the day.

Taking part in such rituals you are opening the doorway for demonic activity in the lives of you and your kids.

It is the only day we do not acknowledge, there is no way of bringing a day of satanic worship back to the gospel. The word of God says to give it no thought. (Leviticus 19:31 “‘Do not turn to mediums or seek out spiritists, for you will be defiled by them. I am the LORD your God.)

please search Youtube “the truth behind Halloween by carol kornacki for more info.

Ultimately it comes down to our choices, lets teach the kids in our care to make good Godly choices!!