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Welcome to our Home page of Building Blocks Kids Ministry South Africa!

We have created a message board “help pages for teachers” so we can share our experiences over the years which can help teachers in their own ministry.

To encourage those that are feeling stretch and worn out, and maybe overwhelmed, It has taken us many years of doing things right and wrong and learning from our mistakes.

Many times teachers have the passion, but just need the know how.

We pray that our articles will help you in your own ministries, please feel free to contact us via our contact page to share experiences that you have had in your own ministries.

We would love to hear your ideas! Feel free to give us feedback on your Sunday services. Good experiences or bad, we trust that your experiences and testimonies will inspire others in their own ministries.

Much Love Sharon & Trevor Gething

Help Pages for Teachers

Easter, Christmas & Halloween

It is always a very touchy subject when speaking on Easter, Christmas and Halloween in our children’s ministries. The greatest thing you can do as... Read More

Disciplining Children

What is all the fuss about? Too often Discipline in your children’s ministry is not a subject that is spoken about, in some children’s ministries... Read More

Kids Church Volunteers

Why are volunteers always in short supply? Many churches are always in short supply of volunteers as to maintain a good quality team. Very few times... Read More

Children’s Ministry Curriculum

Why not Try Safari Club for your children’s ministry What’s all the fuss about?   Choosing a children’s ministry curriculum for your children’s ministry, you... Read More

Boundaries for Teachers

Is It really necessary for teachers to have boundaries?   After all we are coming each week to love on the kids and make happy... Read More

Holy Communion for Children

Is there really an issue with Children taking Holy Communion?   At what age should you introduce the communion elements to children??   We believe, this should be introduced... Read More

Teach kids to Give

Lead by Example – Teaching children to live by Giving Teaching children in your children’s ministry to live by giving is fundamental to teaching them Godly... Read More

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