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Welcome to our Home page of Building Blocks Kids Ministry South Africa!

We have created a message board “help pages for teachers” so we can share our experiences over the years which can help teachers in their own ministry.

To encourage those that are feeling stretch and worn out, and maybe overwhelmed, It has taken us many years of doing things right and wrong and learning from our mistakes.

Many times teachers have the passion, but just need the know how.

We pray that our articles will help you in your own ministries, please feel free to contact us via our contact page to share experiences that you have had in your own ministries.

We would love to hear your ideas! Feel free to give us feedback on your Sunday services. Good experiences or bad, we trust that your experiences and testimonies will inspire others in their own ministries.

Much Love Sharon & Trevor Gething


About Trevor & Sharon

Building Blocks Kids Ministry South Africa is their own personal ministry..

It was birthed out of travelling around to different ministries helping smaller churches build structures and take their children’s ministry to a new level.

Trevor & Sharon Gething have been in children’s Ministry for the past 15 years,

They ministered for many years at Rhema Kids Church, and then after that just under 3 years at Little falls Christian Centre.

They met Pastor Fred from Shofar Stellenbosch over 4 years ago and have assisted with their children’s annual convergence conference.

They are currently serving in the kids church at Shofar Johannesburg.

Children’s Ministry is both their passion and their calling. They have taken every opportunity to learn about teaching children the word of God using different teaching methods like Puppetry, Gospel Illusions, drama’s & Felt Boards…  just to name a few.  As children remember more of what they learn by using their senses. Touch, see, hear and feel.  They are passionate about visually teaching the Bible that inspires children and changes their lives.

Over the last couple of years, God has revealed to them the need to spread their wings, and share their gifts by training teachers and volunteers.

Over the past 5 years, God has also led them to help smaller churches with their children’s ministries by setting structures that take their ministries to a new level.

They regularly do outreach programs to disadvantaged  areas and schools when the opportunity arises.

It is their passion to see children’s ministries become important in the eyes of the local church, as children are in fact the future church.

They are passionate about laying a strong biblical foundation into the lives of all children between the ages of 4 & 14.

Child Abuse is very relevant in South Africa and on an increase in many ethnic groups. It is also their passion to teach children about the different forms of child abuse. Children often find themselves in a vulnerable position, therefore it is vital that children understand their environment and try to get out of a situation that can turn against them.

They believe it is important to lay strong Biblical foundations into the lives of all kids before the age of 14 years of age.


Help Pages for Teachers

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